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Friday, 27 December 2019

Tellus: Language

Tellus doesn't really bother with realistic linguistics, as generally speaking JRPG seems just fine with everyone speaking a common language and understanding each others just fine, safe for some quirky accent or something silly. The only time language comes up is when it is meant to convey that someone or something is some other, often as a plot point.

What Languages Does My Character Speak?

Its a fairly easy thing to guess, as it depend on your character's race:
  • Common (or Ulmes Standard) is a Cypher Language of English with some fairly simple and generic 'fantasy alphabet' should I ever need to have it written down. Much like how D&D has a 'common' Language, the language of modern day Tellus is also called Common and all characters speak it. It is the default tongue spoken by just about everyone and while there might be regional dialects or quirks for the most part it is a single, unified language which of Ulma origin and is their main language. All characters speak Common at character creation.
  • Dragon Clans have their own language, whose modern form has been heavily simplified for the purpose of trading. It is a harsh, guttural language with angular and aggressive-looking runes derived from their older and more complex alphabet. Dragon Clans speak Dragon Tongue at character creation and those with a higher intelligence may begin play knowing its Ancient Variant, which is still used in older texts akin to Latin.
  • The language of the Sky-Folks is written very differently from that of other races, using an extremely complex, centuries-old system of pictographs and hieroglyphs which changed drastically over said centuries. Sky Folks speak Sky Tongue at character creation and often also know Dragon Tongue. Only a Cleric or Wizard of the Sky-Folks would know the basics of Ancient Sky Tongue, whose true depth is now a memory.
So all in all, a pretty simple system that is cruelly bare bones but should make things easy. As a result I might remove Comprehend Languages and similar spells as its not needed, since the only thing a character would be unable to read are ancient scribbling found in some ancient tomb, which could reveal too many mysteries.

Sunday, 22 December 2019

Tellus: Making a Gigas Character

Lets end the year on a strong note for Tellus! This is just as much blog material as its the resource I will directly show the players when creating their characters. Rather than start with the three more common races I've decided to give focus to the least developed of the bunch: the fearsome children of the planet, the Gigas.

The Gigas

Strongest and longest-lived of all the mortal races of Tellus, the Gigas are not born 'naturally' but are rather a mortal emanation of the life energy of the planet's environment. Fearsome and wild, they live in isolated pockets away from civilization and rarely, if ever, truly interact with other races. However from time to time they find themselves dragged into the affairs of other races and at other times they even wage war against them.

Conceptual History and Setting Role

Art by Ricardo Yuji.
The Gigas draw both the most and the least from JRPG in their own weird way. When designing Tellus I wanted to cover all the basic archetypes covered by the more basic fantasy races such the city-dwelling humans, the industrious dwarves and the two archetypes of elves: wood-dwelling hippies and pretty, smug elusive magical beings on the decline. The latter is best embodied by the Sky-Folks (and the Moon Folks, but these guys aren't playable by default). However the whole 'guardian of nature' angle was left to be covered. Drawing inspiration from various sources in JRPG, such as the Gigantos (name should be a cue), various 'Beast Men' races and the Yaksha of Vedic mythologies I constructed the Gigas. They fill in both that 'strong guy' role, the 'barbarian' role and the 'hippy guardian of nature' role at once.

Where other settings have effete Wood Elves and stupid Gnomes, Tellus has the towering and terrifying (yet possibly soft-hearted deep inside) Gigas: a race which doesn't really draw from any clear source but its setting role feels oddly archetypal nonetheless.

Who are the Gigas?

To be born a Gigas is to be paradoxically more connected to nature and at the same time less. Gigas, unlike other living beings, lack parents: they are born from a confluence of magical geomantic energies in wild locales, they are born from this 'cocoon' of plant, rock, sand or ice and raised communally by the tribe which inhabit said locale. There is something rather bare bones about Gigas communities: people only speak when they need to, only forge weapons and armors when needed (and pass down any spares to whoever needs it) and meals are incredibly basic with only the crudest of agriculture. Even then most Gigas is expected to grow or raise some of his or her own food and not bother the community. This can make them appear to be dull-minded and even anti-social to outsiders: in truth, Gigas have a strong inclination toward primitivism and self reliance and treat most aspects of civilization as a luxury and not a core component of their societies.

Given their long life span and low 'birth' rate, Gigas society is inherently stagnant and dull. The only real hierarchy are based on age and one's ability to wield magic to support themselves and their community (but only in time of needs). There is always the risk of a young (relatively speaking) Gigas becoming curious about the extremely complex societies of the greater world. Those who return to their dull, naturalistic communities are welcomed back without any real punishment: being forever different from their simplistic kin is punishment enough by itself.
Personality Quirk
You never speak unless directly addressed/asked a question. The only exception to this is when you inform your allies of something of interest. Unless directly addressed others can talk about you, in your face and you don’t seem to care.
You dislike being inside any building more complex than a simple tent. You will instinctively gravitate toward the windows and door for a quick exit should trouble manifest itself. You are also far too big to escape by windows but that won’t stop you.
You have developed mild paranoia about hurting those smaller than you, possibly due to troubled interactions early on. For someone so massive you have extremely focused, deliberate and delicate movements to minimize the risk of breaking someone or something.
Your emotions are very potent, which appears quite at odds with your normally relaxed and mostly expressionless face. Your outburst of joy, fear or rage are sudden and utterly baffling to others.
You have an artistic side. Too bad others can’t appreciate the joy and wonder of fungal artistry, plant ball-spitting painting, beard root-weaving and other rare forms of Gigas artistic styles.
You don’t appreciate the food of the ‘civilized people’ and will prefer eating raw, uncooked meat, chew on roots or stuff your face full of raw, live bugs. You completely lack the ability to see why this is seen as ‘weird’.
You enjoy gathering food and feeding your fellow party member as you believe them buying rations and eating in inn to be a sign they are too inept to properly feed themselves, akin to a young child.
You’ve become convinced that ‘civilized people’ are weak and/or morally reprehensible, making you boastful about your primitive ways being more honest and true. That you take people’s gold and spend it on booze doesn’t appear dishonest to you at all!

Physical Appearance

Gigas are large and heavy, with even the smallest of their kind being larger (and much heavier) than the average Ulm or Dragon Clan. Beyond the raw mass there isn't much any Gigas has in common with others of its race, as each is somewhat unique in the various physical traits they manifest. A Gigas' body is partially plant and/or mineral-like, often in somewhat baffling ways. Horns, tusks, scales, plant-like hair or beards or even stone protruding from their skin are commonplace.
Gigas Appearance
Gold iris, black sclera.
Earthy brown and mottled. High amount of body hair.
Bony or stony brow spikes.
Dark brown, almost black.
Grey with stony scabs. More stone-like at extremities.
Tiny antlers growing out of head.
Pure green orbs.
Dark green, with an almost leaf-like texture.
Hair and/or facial hair is plant-like.
Pure gold orbs.
Covered in short, small stubby spines.
Overly broad torso, longer arms and shorter legs.
Bark-like in texture despite being fleshy.
Large hands and feet.
Unnaturally dry and dirt-like.
Hair grow down to the middle of the back.
Note that this table is for the more common Mountain or Forest Gigas, which use the default Goliath or Firbolg stat block. Variant Goliaths would replace these traits with something similar but themed to their element, such as snow-white skin for cold-dwelling Gigas or glowing red eyes for those tied to volcanic places. Underground-dwelling Gigas would likely replace the plant and tree-like elements with mushrooms.

Gigas Names

There isn't much of a culture to the Gigas, at least not one which produce the wealth of names with religious, mythological and historical meaning which Humans (and other fantasy races in other settings) have. After all, in most languages names have a meaning. Gigas cut the middle man and simply give names which are description of an individual, be it some physical descriptor of some title which hint at their function.
Gigas Name

Choosing A Class

Compared to the other races, Gigas are a lot more limited in their possible education, limiting them to classes which can be used to represent their innate gifts or simply self-teaching: which is even less common than it might appear, especially for the more complex use of magic. This does, however, leave Gigas with a somewhat pessimistic and determinist mindset. While there is some truth to this (such as magic gift or lack thereof), Gigas would produce much better warriors and spellcasters if they understood relying on knowledge and understanding rather than raw instinct or gifts.
  • The Druid class is the most obvious pick for Forest-dwelling Gigas and, indeed, this is the class most associated with the race as a whole. While there are Druids among other races, the origins of Druid themselves are found among the Gigas. Most Druid Circles work for the Gigas race.
  • The Sorcerer class may initially appear as an odd pick but it has several Bloodlines which are well suited to representing a manifestation of the innate gifts of the Gigas race. The Fury Magic is a good example of the 'barbarian' side of the Gigas made manifest through magic. Any Bloodline from the Children of the Wild homebrew/third party works well too.
  • The Barbarian is the fairly obvious martial option for Gigas, representing their more destructive and primal side breaking loose. Indeed it is the race most associated with the class. In theory nearly every Barbarian Path could be used.
Of course these are but a small sample available to Gigas. Being naturally focused (but also ferociously destructive) beings make the Gigas well suited to any 'martial' class which make use of their brute force and, size and innate cunning.

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Tellus: Upcoming Material for 2020!

Arty by Igor Burkalov.
So why exactly has there been so much war gaming content lately (beside the fact I really enjoy it, of course)? The truth is I've been working on Tellus quite a bit but haven't gotten to finalize any of the current content into a form which would be satisfactory to post. Tellus is getting closer and closer to a state where I'd be ready and willing to run it IRL in spite of constantly flip flopping on whether I should run it with 5e or its own homebrew. Of course, none of this really matter to the content which is being worked on. Namely:
  • Name tables for all the major races! I'm going to need standard name for each race, as this is useful to both players and to me, the GM, when it come to naming some NPC on the fly. I've worked on name tables before but never managed to really figure out a thematic for some races which I was satisfied with until recently.
  • The starting zone for my IRL campaign, which is a smaller island which would be roughly equivalent to the 'early game' of a JRPG before the player leave this starting area composed of a few town and dungeons for the main quest. This is probably going to be a 'point crawl' albeit a bare bone one.
  • Some basic and common monsters and some crude ecology. I say crude because JRPG usually (especially the older titles) don't really give a damn about a world which make sense. Nevertheless this conflict too much with my GMing style so some semblance of sense will exist...if only for the really weird monsters to be even more random.
  • More potential character concepts to offer to players in need of ideas.
  • A list of everything the players would expect their character to know, representing all the basic knowledge of the world needed to 'get' it.
  • Probably a starting soundtrack for the campaign even if its music taken from other sources.
This stuff is all bringing me closer and closer to have Tellus in a functional, playable state. Tellus is definitely going to be the main focus for early 2020 on the Amateur Dungeoneers.

Grimdark Future: 'Fluffy' Human Defense Forces Army Lists, Part 2 (3000pts)

The Imperial Guard is manifold in the form its regiments can take, with the tabletop RPG Only War giving countless options on what forms, organizations and gear various regiments can take. If not for Games Workshop neglecting the Imperial Guard in favor of the Space Marines they would be the most visually and mechanically diverse army.

Drop Regiment: Death From Above!

Harakoni Warhawk by Diegos Gisbert?
Space Marines aren't the only Imperial Force to use drop maneuvers: there are Imperial Guard regiments which make use of a variety of techniques to drop down upon the enemy, from grav-chutes to simple modern-day styled parachutes. Combining their forces with the Aeronautic Imperialis they drop down from the sky and bring death to the enemies of the Emperor!

Light Gunship [1] x4 (1020pts)
2x Heavy Machineguns

Heavy Gunship [1] x2 (780pts)

Drill Sergeant [1] x4 (160pts)

Veterans Drop Troopers A [10] x4 (760pts)
4x Grenade Launcher

Veterans Drop Troopers B [5] x2 (230pts)
2x Fusion Rifles

Tactics: Beyond its gimmick, this is a fairly simple army. Load the Drop Trooper squads into the matching aircraft (five-men squads into Heavy Gunships, ten-men into Light Gunships) and strafe the enemy, dropping down the troops on the first pass to wage war. Smaller squads are equipped with anti-armor weapons in the form of Fusion Rifles. There are four Drill Sergeant to assign, by default they go with the ten-men squads but this isn't necessary.

Armored Regiments: Iron Skirmishers

Mercenaries: Feudal Guards
The Hellhound living up to its namesake.
These regiments are organized for mobility, combining light and agile vehicles with mounts to quickly move around the battlefield and harass the enemy formations. Eschewing the heavier main battle tanks of the Imperial Guards can be a bit of an issue but even the lighter vehicles remain deadly if used correctly. This is achieved with the highly versatile Chimera and its variants, namely the Hellhound and Devil Dog

Calvary Squad [5] x5 (475pts)
1x Grenade Launcher

Feudal Cavalry Heavy Calvary [5] x6 (780pts)
Energy Lances

Attack Vehicle Hellhound [1] x4 (820pts)
Dozer Blade

Attack Vehicle Devil Dog [1] x4 (860pts)
Dozer Blade
Fusion Cannon

Tactics: An infantry-less list built for mobility, it make use of two different types of calvary: the versatile, if weak basic Calvary with each squad carrying a single grenade launcher and the heavier Feudal Cavalry with its brutal use of Impact. The Hellhounds and Devil Dogs both provide heavier weapons and defenses. They also both have Strider.

Grenadier Regiment: Grenades Galore

Death Korps of Krieg Grenadier
How much Grenades can a single army fire? How many Grenade Launchers can one buy for their troop without going toward complete cheese? Interesting questions which will be answered by this list! Grenadier Regiments, as the name implies, specialize in the use of explosives which form the primary weapon type of this army list. While not as powerful as the portable Rocket Launchers used by the towering Astartes, the humble Grenade Launcher fills a similar combat role in Imperial Guard regiments and its blast effect can be used to achieve amazing results against densely packed enemy ranks. Grenadier Regiments  can deny the enemy any advance, be it from infantry fire or from artillery platforms and tanks.

Infantry Squad [10] x3 (630pts)
2x Grenade Launcher
+2x Heavy Weapon Platform (Missile Launcher)

Special Weapons [10] x6 (1380pts)
7x Grenade Launcher
3x Plasma Rifle

Armored Truck x4 (820pts)
Cargo Space

Tactics: Another infantry list and one heavily focused on a particular weapon type. Fortunately its a very versatile one. These ten men Special Weapon squads may be Guardsmen but they are nothing to laugh at, as each squad is composed of seven grenade launchers and three plasma rifles for backup. The default infantry also join in the rocket fun, with two grenade launchers and a pair of weapon platforms. The key here is the sheer volume of fire (and number of potential wounds) generated by either Blast or Deadly depending on the situation and target.

Artillery Regiment: Big Guns

An aging classic mini, the Cadian Heavy Weapon squad.
Artillery Regiments, as the name implies, are built entirely around artillery tanks and weapon emplacements. Now in the 'proper' 40k lore, a full Artillery Regiment generally never see action as their role is to stay far behind the lines and to pound at the enemy with massive cannons. Obviously this doesn't work for a tabletop wargame and thus this list is a more 'close up' army.

Drill Sergeant Artillery Sergeant [1] x10 (400pts)

Ogre Squad [3] x3 (525pts)
Mini GLs
Heavy Shields

Weapon Teams A [1]  x5 (650pts)
3x Mortar

Weapon Teams B [1]  x5 (725pts)
3x Laser Cannon

Support Vehicle Griffon Mortar Carrier [1] x2 (310pts)
Dozer Blade
Artillery Cannon
Heavy Machinegun

Tactics: Assign a Drill Sergeant to each Weapon Teams and use whatever Battle Drill is useful to the situation. The Mortars are anti-infantry while the Laser Cannons are anti-tank. They are three-men squads and should be able to maneuver decently if used correctly. The Ogre Squads should be positioned where a charge is expected to deter enemies. The Mortar Tanks stay behind and pound away at the enemy.

Monday, 9 December 2019

Grimdark Future: 'Fluffy' Human Defense Forces Army Lists, Part 1 (3000pts)

"For that weak sack of flesh that you so gleefully mock is no super soldier, no immortal warrior, no creature cursed by chaos like you. He is a man, an imperial guardsmen drawn from some forgotten corner of the Imperium to fight for his species and for the safety of the people he loves. He is a factory worker, a farmer, a storekeeper, a father, a brother, a son, a mere man. And against creatures like you, teeming and numberless, powered by the very will of thirsting gods... He holds the line. He has held the line for ten thousand Years.

So what's your excuse, monster?" 

The Imperial Guard deserve more respect than any other faction in Warhammer 40 000: they are ordinary men and women, equipped with comparatively speaking crappy gear and crappy weapons. They are not blessed with genetic enhancements, psychic powers, undying faith or fancy gear and yet they hold the line. They fight. They die. And they WIN! Some of these army lists take as Mercenaries the Feudal Guards: it is worth noting that, in all cases, these are assumed to be part of the same army and reluffed. In addition, each army list take different units and different options, focusing on different aspects.

Armored Company: Tanks and More Tanks!

More iconic than even the Rhino!
The Imperial Guard may have crappy infantry but they certainly don't have crappy tanks. Their vehicles, while not as advanced as those of the Space Marines or Custodes are nonetheless very powerful machines, rugged little metal boxes bristling with firepower. It is these mighty war machines which have earned them Guardsmen the name 'Hammer of the Emperor'. Armored Companies are primarily tank-based, with infantry acting as support to the tanks.

Light APC [1] x2 (420pts)
Dozer Blades

Infantry Squad [10] x2 (120pts)
1x Flamethrower

Battle Tank Leman Russ [1] x2 (810pts)
Dozer Blades
Battle Cannon
Heavy Machinegun

Battle Tank Leman Russ Punisher [1] x2 (850pts)
Dozer Blades
Gatling Cannon
+2x Heavy Flamethrowers

Battle Tank Destroyer Tank-Hunter [1] x2 (770pts)
Dozer Blades
Anti-Tank Cannon
Heavy Machinegun

Tactics: A fairly simple list with each tank type having its own role. The basic Leman Russ is a jack of all trades against most unit types while the Punisher is heavily geared against mass infantry, using its Gatling Cannon and the two extra weapons mounted: a pair of Flamethrowers. Finally the Destroyer Tank-Hunter live up to his name of being a tank-killer but it still has a Heavy Machinegun which can attack any infantry in the way. The light APC (Chimeras) each carry a ten-man squad of Guardsmen to deploy against additional infantry. In addition all vehicles have Dozer Blades, giving them the Strider ability.

Tempestus Scions: Because Disney Might Own 'Stormtroopers'

Mercenaries: Feudal Guards
Unlike a certain other kind of Stormtrooper
these can actually hit stuff.
What is now known as 'Tempestus Scions' spent quite a bit of its history being named something else: from Cadian Grenadiers to Kasrkin to Inquisitorial Stormtroopers to simply Imperial Stormtroopers and, finally and currently, Tempestus Scions. Better trained and better armed these are the product of the Imperial Schola Progenia, from which the likes of Inquisitors, Sisters of Battle and Commissars (among other professions) are drawn. Rather than being enlisted or conscripted soldiers they are trained from youth and instilled with faith and an iron discipline.

Storm Trooper Commander [1] x3 (330pts)
Plasma Pistol and Energy Sword

Storm Troopers [10] x3 (1005pts)
2x Plasma Rifle
2x Grenade Launcher
Medical Training

Feudal Elites Heavy Troopers [10] x3 (720pts)
2x Plasma Rifle

Feudal Ogres Bullgryns [3] x3 (720pts)
Mini GLs
Heavy Shields

Tactics: This is a powerful and (relatively) elitist infantry list, even if it is generally an army not seen as such. Stormtroopers are an Ambush troop with Strider, giving them impressive mobility and versatility. Feudal Elites (representing heavily armored Tempestus Troops) have even better defense with an impressive 3+, while the Feudal Ogres (Bullgryn) are 3 wound beasts with 2+ defense. This is an army designed to take names and kick ass in direct combat. The Bullgryns are also able to take on tanks, since tank-hunting is a mild weak spot of this list.

Praetorian Guards: Line Infantry and Artillery

Mercenaries: Feudal Guards
So British Imperial he shit
the Queen Emperor
The Praetorian Guards, despite their name, are actually based off Victorian-Era British troops what with the mustaches, red coat and iconic pith helmet. Taking cues from battles of eras past, this list is one of line infantry with rifles and bayonets and relies more on the mechanics and units of the Feudal Guards albeit with a more standard Imperial Guard feel.

General [1] (130pts)
Plasma Pistol & Energy Sword

Executioner [1] x2 (90pts)
Plasma Pistol & Energy Sword

Drill Sergeant [1] x5 (200pts)

Feudal Guardsmen Line Infantry [10] x5 (850pts)
1x Field Radio

Weapon Teams [3] x4 (660pts)
3x Mortar

Support Vehicle [1] x3 (1065pts)
Hunter Missiles
Twin Shard Mortars
Heavy Machinegun

Tactics: The line infantry hold the line and/or advance depending on the situation while the Weapon Teams and Supper Vehicles pound at the enemy from a distance with their indirect artillery. While not as numerous as other army lists, the Feudal Guardsmen are equipped with a Field Radio to optimize the use of the General's Commander ability. A few Executioners (Commissars) will ensure these men keep a stiff upper lip and hold the line while the Drill Sergeant optimize the troop's abilities with the right Battle Drill.

Catachan Jungle Fighters: The Meanest Bastards

Mercenaries: Inquisition
Catachan are the meanest sons of bitches, living on a world where everything is out to kill you on a constant basis. They are bigger and stronger than most human and, indeed, only goddamn Ogryns and Space Marines can out-swole Catachan Jungle Fighters. That's how huge they are, what with being based off John Rambo, the protagonists of Predator and just about every '80 action hero. They are expert jungle fighters. Using a refluffed Inquisitor hero unit (of all things!), a fraction of the insane prowess of the Jungle Fighters can be emulated.

Inquisitor Scout Commander [1] x3 (210pts)
Assault Rifle
Daemon Hunter Scout Master

Inquisitor Fighters Commander [1] x3 (225pts)
 Plasma Pistol & Energy Sword
Alien Hunter

Veterans Jungle Scouts [10] x3 (720pts)
4x Shotgun
1x Medical Training
1x Company Standard
Forward Sentries

Veterans Jungle Fighters [10] x3 (870pts)
4x Shotgun
1x Medical Training
1x Company Standard
Demo Experts Kill-Happy

Light Walker [1] x4 (960pts)
Laser Cannon
Hunter Missiles
Forward Observer

Tactics: Assign the Scout Commander to the Scout Veterans and the Fighters commander to the Jungle Fighters. Given they also have a Medic and Battle Standards, these ruthless bastards now have Fear and Fearless as well as Regeneration. The Jungle Scouts, as the name implies, are forward scouts but their commander now prevent enemies from deploying around them in Ambush (they are that good at spotting enemies!) while the Jungle Fighters gain Furious from their commander. The Light Walkers (Sentinels) round out the army's abilities as it can hunt down vehicles. Oh and they are Scouts, too!

Thursday, 5 December 2019

Grimdark Future: 'Fluffy' Alien Hives Army Lists, Part 2 (3000pts)

There are many, many more Hive Fleets out there which we only have bits and pieces of information about which, nonetheless, is quite interesting and unique. These are the Army Lists of these less-famous, but still deadly, Tyranid Hive Fleets for Grimdark Future.

Hive Fleet Ouroboris: Flying Terrors

Oddly enough their only art depicts
a wing-less Warrior.
According to their lore, Ouroboris may have been the first Hive Fleet encountered by the Imperium before even figuring out what Tyranids are. Now there have been many, many speculation on the how and when the Imperium truly first encountered Tyranids which are disputed in and out of universe. In M36 there was an attack of winged monstrosities and relics of that era show bio-plasma burn similar in pattern to that of Ouroboris. Their favorite tactics is aerial combat.

Winged Grunts [20] x3 (1155pts)
1x Acid-Gun
1x Shock-Gun

Shadow Hunter [1] x4 (740pts)
Serrated Claws and Sword Claws
Shock Hooks

Rapacious Beast [1] x3 (990pts)
Twin Heavy Barb Cannon
Spore Bombs

Tactics: The Rapacious Beasts are biological bombers, aircrafts carrying a payload of bombs with the Blast effect. They should start the game on a course toward infantry clusters and just carpet bomb everything. Then the survivors are picked off by the Winged Grunts. If the infantry tries to split up to avoid carpet bombs, pop in a Shadow Hunter to punish them.

Hive Fleet Gorgon: Toxic Love

More poisonous than online politics.
The Tyranid of Hive Fleet Gorgon love poison and toxin-based weapons. It is at the core of their strategy and very DNA, using their potent and extremely adaptable biological poison and acid to destroy any opposition. Mere contact with a weapon symbiote of Hive Fleet Gorgon can be enough to spell one's demise.

Prime Warrior [1] x2 (600pts)
Whip Limb and Sword Claw plus Heavy Acid Cannon
Poison Hooks

Hive Warriors [3] x3 (675pts)
2x Twin Bio-Pistols
1x Acid Cannon
Poison Hooks

Assault Grunts [10] x4 (680pts)
Toxic Bite

Artillery Beast [1] x2 (1000pts)
Acid Bio-Artillery

Tactics: A mixed list with powerful ranged options, Hive Fleet Gorgon exist to lay down a heavy rain of whatever nasty biogun the unit has equipped. The Assault Grunts will charge into melee and are expendable but in that one charge will potentially generate an insane amount of hits. The Hive Warriors can handle a mixture of targets as does the Prime Warrior while the Artillery Beasts will destroy any enemy tank and heavies with a single bio-mortar.

Court of the Nephilim King: Tyranid Warriors

Hail to the King, baby!
A truly bizarre Tyranid army, indeed it isn't even a Hive Fleet so much as a splinter of Hive Fleet Behemoth, the Court of the Nephilim King is a weird bunch of Tyranids which Imperial Knights saw as a twisted reflection of themselves. Fielding large, fierce and independent creatures, it fights more like an army of Imperial Knights or Space Marines than a constant swarm of lesser creatures. Indeed these Tyranids do appear to be oddly organized in some monstrous feudalism with the aforementioned Nephilim King himself at the top. Why do they do this? Nobody knows.

Hive Lord Nephilim King [1] (495pts)
Whip Limb and Sword Claw plus Piercing Claws
Tail Pincer

Prime Warrior [1] x3 (780pts)
Whip Limb and Sword Claw plus Piercing Claws
Tail Pincer
Shredding Hooks

Hive Warriors [6] x6 (1650pts)
6x Piercing Claws
2x Barb Cannon
6x Shredding Hooks

Tactics: This is an elite, close quarter army with Rending up the ass. It wants to get into close combat as soon as it can to roll as many of these Rending attacks, disabling the toughest of enemies and making mince meat out of even Custodes and Plague Marines (who both have Regeneration in this system).

Hive Fleet Arachnea: Armor-Killers

This 3rd edition guy will do for a color scheme!
Currently we have very little lore on these guys as they lack even a color scheme. Introduced in 8th edition they are currently battling Necrons. This inspired the idea of a Tyranid army list which is strong against them which then spiralled into a general anti-armor list. One can extrapolate this as being plausible and thus 'fluffy' because...well, if they weren't evolving to be strong against the all-metallic, regenerating Necrons they would already be extinct now wouldn't they?

Grunts [10] x3 (525pts)
9x Bio-Spike
1x Acid-Gun

Hive Warriors [3] x3 (630pts)
2x Bio-Spitters
1x Acid Cannon

Shadow Hunter [1] x3 (525pts)
2x Smashing Claws
Shredding Hooks

Carnivo-Rex Gunfex [1] x3 (1260pts)
2x Heavy Acid Cannon
Tail Pincer
Battering Tusks

Tactics: A mixture of different unit types, this list use its Monstrous Creatures not as battering rams but as living tanks using the twin Heavy Acid Cannons to eliminate other tanks or heroes. Should the Gunfex ever be forced close to melee range they are equipped with tusks to use Impact (auto hits on a charge) and a Tail Pincer with Rending. Shadow Hunters have a similar anti-hard target role. Meanwhile the Hive Warriors deviate from this role by being better against general infantry and should be used to protect the high-priority targets that are the Gunfexes.