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Saturday, October 17, 2020

Grimdark Future: 'Fluffy' Lists, Odds and Ends

Some miscellaneous lists for Grimdark Future, which don't really fit or belong in a larger thematic post as well as additions to previous posts centered on specific factions. As usual these are 3000pts for the game Grimdark Future and are non-competitive lists, meaning they do not fit the restrictions of competitive play.

Necrons: Destroyer Cults

List: Robot Legions
The Destroyer Cult is a massive expansion of the concept of Necron Destroyers, which once used to be simply a variation of Necrons with a skimmer body, carrying heavy weapons. The Destroyer Cult is what happen when higher ranked (and thus more intelligent and self-aware) Necrons become utterly consumed by the urge to kill and destroy even by the omnicidal standards of their race. Destroyers are modified and augmented into stronger forms more directly optimized for utter destruction which come in an ever increasing variety these days to the point an all-Destroyer army is now viable.

While they are powerful, the other Necrons somewhat dislike them as Destroyers have a bit of a bad habit of causing more damage than what their master may desire. This can even get to the point that their destruction could actively sabotage the greater plans of the Necron Overlords. It is safe to say that, while Destroyers usually win the battle they sometime risk costing the war.

Tri-Scorpion Overseer [1] (235pts)

Tri-Scorpions [3] x2 (680pts)
2x Twin Armblades
1x Heavy Armblade

Annihilators [3] x2 (870pts)
2x Gauss Cannons
1x Heavy Gauss Cannon

Heavy Annihilator [1] x2 (600pts)
Exterminator Cannon

Tri-Scorpion Pistoleer [1] x2 (440pts)

Tactics: Elite armies are always difficult to play and this list is no different. The closest the list has to basic units are the Tri-Scorpion, with one squad led by their Overseer. These all-melee (except the Overseer, he has a gun) are quite powerful but lack in versatility beyond just getting into melee and wrecking stuff. The different types of Annihilator are the main ranged units and their function varies, with the basic type having one anti-tank weapon for squad while the heavies carry anti-infantry with Blast. In both cases they use Ambush and should be deployed accordingly. Finally, the pistoleer are close range anti-infantry, each packing six guns and the relentless ability.

Tyranids: Hive Fleet Nidhoggr

The Balor Hive Tyrant
List: Alien Hives
Hive Fleet Nidhoggr is a creation of /tg/, back when the board was any good and not consisting of nothing but shit stirring. Taking a break from creating Space Marine chapters, people worked in creating a Tyranid Hive-Fleet. While the army is infamous for endless horde of lesser creatures, this one diverge from the usual spam of lesser life forms to focus on the really fun part of Tyranids: the monsters.

Hive Fleet Nidhoggr evolved two things in its bioforms: increase size and mass combined with a love of all form of fire, with matching resistance built into their biology. These Tyranids launch spores which burrow themselves into the planet's crust, only to later disgorge the massive, smoldering Tyranid bio creatures, each a towering inferno of rage and flame. This, combined with the inevitable tectonic damage, has given the Hive Fleet a reputation as true eater and breakers of worlds.

Hive Lord Balor Hive Tyrant [1] (430pts)
Whip Limb and Sword Claw
Heavy Bio-Carbine Bio-Flamer
Bio-Recovery (Regeneration)

Tyrant Beast [1] x2 (1120pts)
Serrated Claws
Bio-Recovery (Regeneration)

Flamer Beast [1] x3 (555pts)
Serrated Claws

Veteran Warrior [1] x2 (290pts)
Serrated Claws
Whip Limb & Sword Claw

Hive Warriors [3] x2 (480pts)
Serrated Claws
Whip Limb & Sword Claw

Tactics: This is an elite all-monster army and boy is it a shooty one, too. The weaknesses often found in such a limited army are (somewhat) alleviated by the sheer firepower and number of attacks stacked on several of these creatures, making use of Serrated Claws to increase the number of attacks in order to dispatch any mass of infantry that may get into melee while the guns are equally adept at keeping the enemy at bay in a hail of bio-plasma, flame and whatever else these bastard regurgitate. The closest this list has to a base infantry are the flying warriors, who can be either used to claim objective or charge into melee, lacking any guns but being equipped with two pairs of melee weapons; one for anti-infantry and one for anti-tank.

Imperial Guard: Solar Auxillia

List: Feudal Guards
They also looked way cooler.
The Solar Auxillia were, during the Great Crusade, among if not the best non-Astartes fighting force. The Imperial Army, predecessor to the Imperial Guard, had its elite soldiers the same way the modern guard has Stormtroopers and these are the Solar Auxilia. In an era dominated by power armored posthuman, the Solar Auxilia dared to challenge even the might of the Astartes Legion as being some of the best damn soldiers the Imperium of Man had. Compared to the modern Guards they were better trained and better equipped compared to the mere rabble the modern Imperial Guard would look like by comparison.

The 'Feudal Guard' list for Grimdark Future is as close as one can get to remaking the ass-kicking glory of the Solar Auxillia, thanks to their superior skill, armor and much better morale. These guys and gals are better, tougher, with better guns and they are a lot less likely to shit their pants when a daemon start tearing into their ranks.

Feudal General Squad Sergeant [1] x3 (210pts)

Feudal Guardsmen [10] x3 (645pts)
Feudal Standard (Fear)
Medical Training

Feudal Specialists [10] x2 (540pts)
10x Flamethrower

Heavy Battle Tank Malcador Heavy Tank A [1] x2 (950pts)
Battle Cannon
Heavy Machinegun
2x Heavy Machineguns

Heavy Battle Tank Malcador Heavy Tank B [1] (475pts)
Anti-Tank Cannon
Laser Cannon
2x Heavy Machineguns

Tactics: Know that you rule the firepower game and that only a few armies can truly outshine such a list in terms of firepower. The three basic squads of infantry, while not particularly impressive, are reliable and able to sustain a constant hail of fire, augmented by their hero's ability. In particular the 'Focus Fire' option should help. Meanwhile the two Specialist squads all pack flamethrower ensuring no enemy infantry can out compete you. The true stars, however, are the three monstrous Heavy Tanks. The first type is fairly general-purpose but the last one of the trio is a designate tank-killer.

Bonus: The Megarachnids

List: Alien Hives
Megarachnids handing their asses
to the Emperor's Children
Technically speaking, the Megarachnids aren't Tyranids and as far as we know and aren't remotely related. However the two races are clearly cut from the same mold, both being hive-bade arthropoidal creatures which use bio-engineering to create many different forms and caste (or 'clades' as they were known), all serving a different purpose within the hive and their society. Now the Megarachnids weren't as powerful as Tyranids, having been previously defeated by a Human-Xenos civilization and exiled to a single planet. The Imperium came across that world during the course of the Great Crusade, where it earned the name 'Murder' due to the sheer amount of bloodshed the Megarachnids unleashed on the unsuspecting Astartes.

The Alien Hives list is well suited to represent the Megarachnids as they were in their diminished state upon the planet 'Murder', as even without their more advanced technology each of their warrior clades was a monster filled with razor-sharp limbs able to cut to ribbons a fully armored Space Marine which is no easy feat. These partially organic, partially synthetic limbs were the hallmark of the warrior clade.

Ravenous Beasts [6] x5 (2250pts)
Twin Sword Claws
Tunnel Attack (Ambush)

Hive Warriors [3] x3 (720pts)
Twin Sword Claws

Tactics: This isn't an optimal army list by any mean, but its very thematic. The army consist of fast, three wounds monsters all with Ambush, representing how the Megarachnids loved to pop out of nowhere from between their weird alien 'tree' and would descend upon Space Marines to cut them to ribbons. With AP1 Deadly 3 a single attack still has a chance to inflict enough wounds to instantly kill a captain or similar heroes, which is the point. A full squad has 36 of those damn attacks so you know someone is going to fail and get brutally maimed, which re-enact what happen in the novel 'Horus Rising'. The flying dudes are similar but they fly, so that's some variety but not much. All Megarachnids do is jump on enemies and create a tar pit of melee violence where they cut and cut and cut.

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