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Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Godbound: Guardian Demons of the Toban

The Toban people call 'demon' any supernaturally potent entity which is capable of bringing forth terrifying destruction. These range from horrible, twisted monstrosities which crawl out of the land of the Thousand Gods just as much as it mean some local, physically twisted once-human witch living in a cave. The most potent and fearsome of them, however, as the dreaded Guardian Demons. Some are worshiped as mighty warrior deities whose destruction is focused on the enemies of the Toban tribes; others are sleeping, living doomsday devices or more terrifying enough some Parasite God horsewhipped as a dark guardian of some Lamasery.

Monster by Yang Zhao.

Guardian Demon

Central to the beliefs of Toban are the dreaded Guardian Demons: beings which are accepted to be fearsome, dangerous forces yet one which the Toban can nonetheless call upon in time of need. The category is more one of purpose than origin as two Guardian Demons might not share the same origin, biology and purpose. They are among the most powerful beings which the Lamaseries can call upon to their aid in time of need.

One major type of Guardian Demon is what some sages call, in long-forgotten and forbidden texts a Ren Archon. These are beings made of a combination of magical energies and psychic gestalt infused into a vessel created from Theotechnical knowledge much like a Made God. These beings were designed as living vessel, interfaces and enforces of Ren social laws. With their programming having decayed they've become twisted, often amnesiac or insane beings centered around enforcement of laws and systems which no one, not even themselves, know how to properly enforce and comprehend. This make most, if not all Guardian Demons of this type seemingly insane and vengeful or oddly specific in their destruction or pettiness. Others are reclusive sages whose conflicting directives translate as a desire to remove themselves from earthly affairs, becoming divine hermits only called upon in time of great need.

Type of Guardian Demon
Ren Archon: A being engineered by the Ren in ancient times to ensure the order and compliance of all to Ren laws. It likely has very little understanding of how Toban society truly function.
Ancestral Eidolon: A spirit based upon/integrating the thoughts and memories of honored ancestors. It could also be a gestalt of several ancestors at once and add more to itself with each generation.
Inhuman Immortal: One of the revered ancestors is a human who has transcended the limits of normal human lifespan with some form of theotechnical or theurgic knowledge. The monks may or may not be aware of its true nature.
Parasite God: This Parasite God control the Lamasery from within, either acting as it’s guardian openly or pretending to be it or some ancestral spirit. It is likely a threat to the Lamasery and its people in the long run.
Uncreated Manipulator: Some horrible yet very intelligent and charismatic Uncreated as usurped the Lamasery and made it its cult, where it pretend to be the tutelary deity and/or guardian demon. Roll on the Uncreated Nature table.

A detached being of zen intellect and wisdom, with little of its actions or words having meaning to the non-enlightened.
Prone to long periods of isolation and hibernation. Functionally distant barring on special occasions.
Viciously destructive when unleashed, a being of glorious divine fury. Otherwise very reserved or flat out inactive.
Completely insane and erratic, likely left alone inside the Lamasery’s vault as to not bother it. Best left alone.
Obsessive about rule, regulations and divine rites. Will attempt to enforce incompatible Ren doctrine whenever active.
Demanding of worship whenever active. Needy and unstable, more a raving lunatic than a wise guardian.
Crippled by memories of mortal life that may or may not belong to it. Unconscious psychic nexus of the thoughts of all worshippers.
Never says anything that make sense, only reciting about protocol and rites. Must be spoken to in highly complex, flourishful speech or raw code.

Uncreated Nature
Pretend to be impossibly wise and kind but exert secret, corrupting mental influence on worshippers to fulfill its needs and desires.
Demand increasingly debauched acts of worship. Only the inner circle of monks know how deep this degeneracy truly goes.
A mad zealot which constantly push the monks to proselytize and/or declare holy wars on rivals. Only limited by lack of manpower and ability to raise actual armies.
A corrupting schemer of impossible intellect whose plans are multi-layered and long-lasting. Will take centuries to undo Toban society.

Statting the Guardian Demon

Every type of entity operating as a Guardian Demon is a being of over 13 HD with at least one bound Word: Protection, Vengeance, Command or Passion are suitable choices for its Word. The exact nature of the stats vary depending on the type of being it truly is, with Uncreated having the usual abilities.

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