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Friday, October 16, 2020

Grimdark Future: 'Fluffy' Havoc Brothers Lists 2.0, Part 2

We continue the look at a second version of Chaos Space Marines Havoc Brothers for Grimdark Future, this time focused on the 'cult' Legions and units of the four Gods of Chaos, which would be the World Eaters of Khorne, Death Guards of Nurgle, Emperor's Children of Slaanesh and the Thousand Sons of Tzeentch. Each a legion reshaped by their dedication to their baleful patron.

World Eaters: Tides of Fury

Armies: Havoc Brothers+Disciples of War
The World Eaters are a broken Legion, shattered by internal conflicts and a general lack of sanity and coherence. Driven by martial pride and a berzerker rage they fight forever and ever to the pleasure of their patron, the Blood God known as Khorne, the lord of skulls. While normally these long blurbs tend to discuss the Legion's history and themes, this blurb will rather offer a criticism of the World Eaters lore, namely that they have severely 'devolved' in the lore since the early editions with the Berzerkers going from elite (if unhinged) Assault Troops to basically being often the only thing they have.

This is pretty stupid, as even the Orks, a race entirely focused on violence, have fire support units, mechanics and more to help sustain their war effort while the World Eaters are supposedly all a bunch of drooling morons who can only scream and attack each others when there is nothing in sight. If the World Eaters are truly such degenerated animalistic monsters then their warbands simply cannot sustain themselves post-heresy. Older lore featured mention and concept art of things such as 'World Eater Devastators' (before the name of 'Havocs' was invented for Chaos Marine heavy weapon squads?). While their ban on sorcerers make sense given the Khornate nature it seems extremely silly to think the World Eaters are 100% composed of Berzerkers and nothing but Berzerkers.

Lord of War [1] (165pts)
Heavy Cleaver
Destroyer Armor
Blessing of War

Dark Champion [1] (90pts)
Energy Sword and Plasma Pistol
War Chant

Havoc Destroyers [5] (435pts)
5x Twin Assault Rifles and Energy Fist

Berserkers [10] x3 (930pts)
6x Pistol and CCW
4x Plasma Pistol & Energy Sword

Havoc APC [1] x3 (720pts)
Assault Rifle+Flamethrower
Havoc Missiles
Spiked Ram (Impact(+3))

Infernal Brute A [1] (340pts)
Brute Fist & Assault Rifle Array
Twin Heavy Machinegun

Infernal Brute B [1] (290pts)
2x Brute Flail

Tactics: The World Eaters excel at close quarter combat and this is a list with the potential to absolutely wreck everything. Assign the Lord of War to his Destroyer squad and watch the enemy crumble as any 2+ roll in melee results in multiple hits from Energy Fists and the Lord's cleaver. The Champion can be assigned to a Berzerker squad and help them generate additional attacks while their designated transport can help deal with infantry masses, since it is able to charge into melee and generate multiple automatic hits while their guns are also geared to counter masses of infantry. Finally, the first Infernal Brute can offer fire support while the other join the melee fun.

Death Guards: Terminal Disease

The funk of forty thousand years
Armies: Havoc Brothers+Disciples of Plague
Before their re-imagining as a moral jovial and comical force, the Death Guards embodied the truly terrible side of Nurgle. Their Legion was a proud one and to see themselves warped and twisted by the Plague God in a moment of weakness has rendered them bitter and almost pathetic. One could easily see their more exultant portrayal as servants of Nurgle as something almost akin to a Legion-wide Stockholm Syndrome, a lie they tell themselves to be able to look in the mirror and see their diseased and twisted forms.

Forget the grinning and the laughter because the Death Guard have not become 'softer' in those ten thousand years. They are still the bitter, hardened veterans of the most dangerous battlefields and this should always be remembered: Mortarion's sons are a toughened lot in body and mind and their diseased, almost undead, bodies have only grown tougher and swelled with Nurgle's foul gifts. The Death Guards can be an extremely serious and terrifying foe, whose very presence (and smell) can render entire battalion of Imperial Guardsmen with warp-tinged fear and any survivor is bound to be sickened and doomed to a slow death, their soul ending in Nurgle's garden.

Lord of Plague [1] (255pts)
Plasma Pistol & Reaper Scythe
Destroyer Armor
Blessing of Plague

Plague Bodyguard Destroyers [6] (590pts)

Plague Destroyers [5] x2 (1150pts)
2x Assault Rifle+Plasma Rifle
2x Assault Rifle+Fusion Rifle
1x Plague Flamethrower & Plague Swords

Plague Brothers [10] x2 (700pts)
8x Assault Rifle
2x Plague Launcher

Plague Walkers [10] x2 (280pts)

Tactics: This is an elite, tanky infantry-only list but it has the potential to seriously cave in the enemy's face. Assign the Lord of Plague to the Bodyguards. These and the two other Destroyer squads are ambush units and can deployed accordingly. Squads of expendable Plague Walkers help the meager infantry selection a bit by increasing the amount of activations to enable a better board presence and control.

Emperor's Children: Warp Amp

Armies: Havoc Brothers+Disciples of Lust

The Emperor's Children are easily among the worst scum of the Chaos Space Marines. This seems a bit harsh in a faction which include the Iron Warriors and Night Lords but one need to understand and remember that the Emperor's Children have become debauchery incarnate, constantly injecting in their superhuman bodies a level of narcotics that even Astartes physiology isn't designed to handle just to 'feel good'. These drugs are also usually made from people. Basically these whackjobs are injecting themselves human juice made from torture victims, sodomized children, tortured sodomized children and possibly grounded up old ladies.

Does that sound vile? Over the top to the point one is unsure if its offensive or laughable? Good. That's the point. And the worst thing is these demented junkies still see themselves as the great paragon of skill and perfection they were as Astartes when their bodies and minds have been ravaged by a mixture of drugs, the influence of the Warp and a non negligible amount of biological modifications first pioneered by that sick fuck Fabius Bile. To the Emperor's Children nothing is sacred and there is no such thing as 'too much' of anything when it come to seeking pleasure.

Havoc Lord [1] (200pts)
Twin Assault Rifle & Energy Sword Spear
Destroyer Armor
Havoc Tactics

Lord of Lust [1] x2 (330pts)
Assault Rifle+Fusion Rifle & Lust Whip
Blessing of Lust

Dark Psychic [1] (125pts)
Assault Rifle+Fusion Rifle & Energy Sword

Noise Brothers [10] x3 (1110pts)
8x Noise Rifle
2x Noise Amplifier

Havoc Destroyers [5] (475pts)
4x Twin Assault Rifle & Energy Sword Spear
1x Heavy Flamethrower Noise Cannon & Energy Sword

Infernal Brute Sonic Dreadnought [1] x2 (660pts)
Twin Brute Fist & Heavy Flamethrower Noise Cannons

Tactics: This list make use of the fact that Noise Amplifiers in the Lust Brothers list has identical stats to a Heavy Flamethrower to load several units with 'count as' sonic weapons, including a pair of Infernal Brutes to be used as a close enough replacement to the beloved Sonic Dreadnought. As a close range gun-focused list, these units excel at getting close to the enemy and delivering an absurd amount of shots. With their speed, they can still excel at melee due to the advantage of mobility, improving their charge range. Heroes are where this army gets stronger, however, as they have the anti-vehicle/monsters and the buffs.

Thousand Sons: Minions of Magnus

Hashtag Magnus Did Nothing
Havoc Brothers+Disciples of Change
There's much to be written about the Thousand Sons: their fall to Chaos is a terrible tragedy which could have been avoided had cooler and more open minded heads had prevailed. They and their Primarch, Magnus the Red, were created with the strongest psychic potential of all Astartes. Some attribute this to some 'mistake' but we have little evidence to think the Emperor did not purposefully engineer these sons of his to be potent Psykers. Unfortunately, fear of psychic powers and the risks of mutation it entail cast a large shadow on the Thousand Sons and their entire history. Ultimately they were damned by Horus' machinations, only for him to essentially claim the legion he had helped destroy and damn as one of his minions, condemning the Thousand Sons to being Chaos Space Marines claimed by Tzeentch.

Never a large legion to begin with, the Thousand Sons are depleted of their ranks by their base soldiers being turned into dust automatons. As a result, a Thousand Sons warband relying on powerful heroes backed by a horde of minions (be it mutant or human) is very much a formation one is likely to encounter. Wreathed in eldritch energies, they use it for both offense and defense.

Sorcerer of Change [1] (115pts)
Plasma Pistol & Energy Sword Staff
Psychic (2)

Change Brothers [10] x2 (720pts)
8x Hexed Rifles
2x Reaper Minigun
Psychic (1)

Support Havocs [10] (650pts)
10x Autocannon

Birdman Sorcerer [1] x3 (225pts)
Psychic (2)

Birdmen [10] x2 (495pts)

Daemon Spawn [1] x5 (650pts)

Tactics: This is very much a spam army, relying on its massive amount of activation to harass the enemy. And what an annoying harassment it is, since everything has Stealth (-1 to hit at ranged)! The squads of mutant beastmen are cheap, expendable yet backed by a Sorcerer to enable to use of Psychic powers. The five Daemon Spawns all have Fast, which can make them good to rush and contest objectives, helping with the harassment. Even if they die it doesn't really matter. Meanwhile, the 'proper' Thousand Son units are the hardy hammer of the army, including a support squad all equipped with the terrifying and powerful auto cannons, which are as efficient at mowing down infantry as much as tanks.

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