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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Godbound: D12 Uncreated Monstrosities

Twelve monstrosities of living entropy, oblivion and false life to torment the world.

No idea what the hell that is...and that's a good thing.
Art by Lucca Meideros.

A hulking brute of a beast, best describe as part man, part-sloth and part-slug. It has no head, merely a toothy maw from which tentacles tipped with eyes emerge.

Angry, feral and nearly mindless in it’s destruction. It will target divine foes before mortals, however.

Roughly man-shaped, this creature is made of grinding sheets of metal, glass and bone. It’s chest is hollow and howl constantly.
Human-like, but deformed by illness and mutation. A constant purple-pink glow emanate from it’s eyes and throat.

Will constantly speak/scream/chant maddening things, driving mortal foes to fear and/or frenzy.
A perfectly formed, beautiful woman with long flowing white hair. She has no face, merely a mask of metal and bone. She sing songs of scream and terror.
A thin, skeletal man, more insect or spider than man in stature and proportions. It’s skin is covered in sharp, spiky grey and black scales.

An intelligent and cunning predator which avoid detection by supernatural means. It prey upon a very specific type of people.
Vaguely in the shape of a terrestrial, quadrupedal animal but made of ooze and tentacle. It has three heads, each different.
A living cloud of ash and dust in the shape of a giant insect with wings of shadow and flame.

Attempts to subvert the will and desires of others and drive them to self-destructive suicide.
An impossibly old man or woman, with skin cracking and turning to dust. Skeletal centipedes live inside it’s skull.
A ball of dizzying, impossible colors which constantly swirl and change diameter. Smaller balls and shapes orbit around it.

A cunning manipulator more intelligent than any human, with a twisted intellect that excel at twisting and subverting societies.
Jet black geometric shapes which reoriented and reposition themselves whenever the creature move. Trying to count faces is pointless and will drive one to madness.
Short, squat centaur-like creature with flabby grey-blue skin. Morbidly obese with a cyclopean face.

Does not follow any logical pattern of behavior. Impossibly to guess it’s purpose at any given time.
A shapeshifter whose natural form is rarely see: that of a shimmering pile of mold and fungi covered in cat eyes.