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Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Age of Fantasy: Building Paper Armies, Part 2

More paper armies for Age of Fantasy. If one looks around, there's plenty of good resources to make paper armies to play a discount version of the old Warhammer Fantasy, be it Age of Fantasy or The Ninth Age. Well, at least for those armies which existed in Warhammer Fantasy Battles, as Age of Fantasy has additional stuff taken from a variety of sources, including Mantic. Not every unit can be found in paper miniatures but it's still a good start.


Bane of the civilized worlds, the half-human and half-animal Beastmen are quite playable when it come to paper miniatures, especially if one take some creative liberties. Considering technically there are Beastmen of different types (even more so if one wish to diverge their army from Warhammer Fantasy Battles lore) its fairly easy to assemble a gaggle of fucking furries Beastmen. Its to get freaky with the Beastmen! Since there's a bit more permutations going on (and because I have not bought many paper miniatures to make a Beastmen army yet), I will primarily be listing sources and leave people to figure out a use for them and decide what unit is what. The only rules is that I don't include ratmen or lizardmen, because those are their own thing.
  • Brave Adventures has a Beastmen Warbands and they even come with some boars.
  • Antohammer has a pair of Goatmen sets, the Javelin Throwers and the Two Handed Weapons.
  • He also has Harpies with titties.
  • While they are more human-like than animals, the Neandals from Okumarts game could be used to represent the weakest and least mutated of the Beastmen. The cultist are a nice bonus and go well into a Havoc army or to use as sorcerers of some kind. Their Crypt Crawl set includes pig-faced orcs which could double as Beastmen.
  • For some cat-themed Beastmen, there's the catfolks from Reivajs mini which come in two sets. In addition, their faun make perfect Beastmen archers.
  • While they will need a bit of a recolor to fit in with the 'proper' Beastmen, One Monk has several variations of their greek-themed minotaurs, both on the store and in this forum hoard. Re scaled, they could work both as regular infantry (for a minotaurs-themed Beastmen army) or as the more proper, ogre-sized Minotaurs of the list.
  • This forum hoard has centaurs which are perfect for the list, if a bit too 'clean' like their minotaur friends.
The Beastmen can get away with a bit more variety, just like the Chaos Havoc Warriors. Not a bad list of options.

Deep Sea Elves Deep Ones

Click for full size.
So here's a more unusual one. The Deep Sea Elves of Age of Fantasy are very clearly an analogue to Age of Sigmar's Idoneth Deepkin, the admittedly very cool sea elves riding sharks. Sea Elves miniatures are quite limited and I'm already stretching thin the same elven paper miniatures in terms of recolor. However, as it happen, there's fish folks, deep ones and Sahuagin miniatures on One Monk! It also help this is a smaller, newer army.
  • The merfolks are obtained from One Monk Miniature: here and here.
  • If one wish to do more editing and cutting, a War Shark Rider can be created by mixing the Merfolk riders with parts from this forum hoard or Printable Heroes' shark.
This is still overall a pretty decent lineup. It did take a few creative liberties to get there but, overall, not too bad for such a small and recent army. In the future this army might get merged with the Trident Realms from Mantic games.


Click for full size.
Ah, good old gobbos: one of the best horde armies out there and, with the popularity of goblins as a basic fodder monster in tabletop RPG, there is a abundance of miniatures out there for goblins. You got green ones, yellow ones, furry ones, bald ones and more. Plenty of goblin breeds around. The goblin army is split into forest goblins and cave goblins.
  • The brown or tan colored 'cave goblins' are all from sets from One Monk miniatures, either from their forum hoard or their store on Drivethru RPG.
  • The Forest Goblins are all from Pigmi Games' Splinterwood sets, which previously were used for the Wood Elves army. As of this post I haven't bought these paper miniatures yet but judging by the preview and previous Splinterwoods miniatures I see no reasons not to recommend them.
  • Printable Heroes has a good range of Goblins which can be found here.
Personally the only changes I'd make would be to, maybe, recolor the tan colored goblins to a uniform green to better tie the army together. Or not, depending if I want to mix and match the cave and forest goblins. Goblins are also lucky to have not one, but two of their cavalry units available in paper miniature form.

Mummified Undead

Click for full size.
There's a pretty solid bundle out there, on Drivethru RPG, to field an army of Mummified Undead aka Warhammer's old Tomb Kings. These guys had their miniature range unfortunately discontinued, despite being among the coolest things to exist in Warhammer Fantasy Battles. The bundle from Drivethru covers most of the basics but I can find and add more.
  • Most units are from the Fantasy Desert King Starter pack, a bundle by Antohammer which can be found on Drivethru RPG. This bundle pretty much contain all the essentials and core units of the army, from the basic skeletons (spearmen and archers) to the hero units and even some cavalry.
  • The Skeleton Giant can be found here. Another option, which is free, can be found here.
  • The Guardian Statues are taken from the One Monk forum hoard here, the golden minotaur guy.
  • There's additional paper miniatures which could be used for the army, such as the Jabbro Jones miniature set for Egypt. Currently, as of writing this I have not bought these.
Overall this is a pretty solid list which covers all the basics. Given how skeleton and mummies are pretty simple and commonplace fantasy monsters, it shouldn't be much of a challenge to add more and more to this army of Egyptian-themed skeletons.