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Sunday, 17 November 2019

Grimdark Future: Easy 'Count As' Heresy-era Marines

Eat shit, smurfs!
The Horus Heresy, by Games Workshop sub-company Forge World (not sure what the technical term is!) is THE big 'other game' when it come to Warhammer 40 000, being its 'prequel' and all about the monumental and devastating battles of said portion of the setting's history. It is the height of the power of the Imperium and the Adeptus Astartes and where everything goes downhill. While I plan to eventually make a custom list for the Legio Astartes and other 30k armies, here's a few tricks to mess around and try to produce a quick Legio Astartes army with very limited home brewing. This WILL eventually be replaced by a much better, more detailed Horus Heresy conversion.

Unit Conversions and Modifications

The Legiones Astartes aren't too different from their modern selves but they do have a few variations and differences when it come to squad formations as well as different weapon loadouts. These squads are:
  • Gravity Rifles and Cannons are refluffed as Volkite Weapons. Yes, yes I know Volkite would probably be a lot more powerful but this supposed to be a quick and dirt refluff and minor homebrew.
  • Battle Brothers now come in Squads of ten, not five (meaning a combined unit is now twenty marines). Simply double the cost from 190pts to 380pts, nothing fancy there. In addition they gain the following upgrade option: Upgrade all Models with Legion Fury (+60pts). This is identical to 'Hold & Fire' of the Dwarven Guilds, safe that a squad need to number 5+ models to use. These squads lose access to their option to be upgraded to Veteran Infantry and to replace their Assault Rifles.
  • A player can still field the regular 5/10-men Battle Brother squads with their upgrade option intact to represent smaller and more specialized squads, possibly with Veteran status.
  • Support Brothers gain access to the option to upgrade their Assault Rifles to Auto Cannons and Reaper Cannon. Stats and cost are identical to the Havoc Brother version.
  • Blaster Squads, Raider Squads, Infiltration Squads and Elimination Squads could potentially still exist despite being based off Primaris units. Blasters are very similar to some of the Plasma weapons fielded by Dark Angels while Raiders, Infiltration and Elimination fit different battle roles and specialist units of various Legions.
  • Destroyers (aka Terminators) are unchanged.
  • Brother Bikes and Support Bikes can be upgraded into Jetbikes, which gain Strider for +15pts.
  • Prime Attack Walkers, while they represent the Primaris Dreadnoughts, can be used to quickly mock up a Contemptor Dreadnought.

Legion-Specific Upgrade

Of course, even in this era Space Marines were already a bunch of highly colorful weirdoes with specific style and specializations. This can be achieved rather quickly and easily with refluffing of the Battle Brothers detachments:
  • Blood Angels, World Eaters, White Scars and Luna Wolves/Sons of Horus can upgrade units with Furious via the Blood Brothers upgrades. However only the Blood Angels have access to specific units and they also lack the option to upgrade the speed of their vehicle as for some reason this wasn't 'a thing' for Blood Angels yet. White Scars, on the other hand can totally buy 'Very Fast' for vehicles.
  • Dark Angels, Imperial Fists, Death Guards and Iron Warriors use the Dark Brothers upgrades, gaining the ability 'Grim'. However only the Dark Angels have access to their specific units and the ability to upgrade units with 'Dark Assault'.
  • Emperor's Children use the upgrade options of Disciples of Lust from the Havoc Brothers Disciples. It should be noted that the cost to upgrading a Battle Brothers unit is equivalent to its Havoc counterpart.
  • Alpha Legion and Raven Guards use the upgrade options of the Disciples of Change from Havoc Brothers Disciples in order to gain Stealth. The costs are also very much equivalent.
  • Thousand Sons can upgrade a single model per squad with Psychic (1) at +25pts.
  • Space Wolves obviously use Wolf Brothers.
Pretty crude but it should get the job done.

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